2014 proved to be the most difficult and painfully sad of Grandmas Attic 29 years of trading. Ken and Valerie built and extended their business through sheer hard work, dedication and commitment to the very best Quality Antique Fairs in Hampshire and Dorset.


It was due to Kens dedication that despite his constant pain and suffering he continued to run fairs until mid August without many exhibitors or public aware of his battle with cancer.  Sadly Ken lost his brave battle in September.


Bravely, Valerie has decided to continue with her love of the fairs and with the help of daughter Dena and son-in-law David they continue to trade proudly in Kens memory. 

Valerie and Dena would like to take this opportunity to thank their exhibitors,trade and public for their kindness during this difficult time and their continued support looking forward to 2015.


Throughout the last twenty-nine years we have been successfully organising Antiques, and Collectors fairs under the banner of Grandma's Attic, prior to this Ken was eight years trading in Antiques, exhibiting at fairs all over the South coast, London, and the Midlands, specialising mainly in period metal ware.

We are often asked by visitors to our fairs what antiques do we collect, even before we started in the business all those years ago we have always appreciated Antiques, mainly period metal ware, fine furniture, and some 30's china such as Clarice Cliff.


However, we have never been big collectors, and as we were both in our teens in the 60s our main interest has been collecting items relating to Rock & Roll such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and most of all Elvis Presley.


Quality Antiques Fairs
We take pride in being able to continue organising quality fairs. This is due in no small part to all our loyal visitors and to our very professional exhibitors. We thank them all for their continued support despite all the vagaries there have been in public taste.


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